About Us/The Team

DM Confidential was established in 2004. We’ve been providing unique, insider’s look into the digital marketing industry through our weekly online newsletters. Published every Thursday, we highlights the latest trends, recent innovations, industry-wide movements, and all of the latest updates affecting digital marketing. In 2020, we’ve pivoted our focus in providing premium digital marketing services to help affiliate marketers, social media influencers, digital entrepreneurs to get more engagements, leads, and customers. On a weekly basis, our team at DM Confidential will be sharing the latest case studies,guides and updates in Digital Marketing.

Our in-house Team Members at DM Confidential

Diane Schwarts

Diane Schwarts

SVP & Group Publisher

Diane oversees the Media/Communications Group at DM Confidential, with responsibility for editorial, marketing, PR, sales and digital strategy.

With half a decade of experience at DM Confidential, Diane has successfully launched many successful websites, events, conferences, and newsletters using her proven digital marketing strategies.

She also shares her knowledge in Digital Marketing by publishing blogs at DM Confidential.


Amy Jefferies

Amy Jefferies

Brand Director

Amy oversees all day to day operations at DM Confidential, from marketing to social media to editorial.

She is one of the key members of the team to make sure everything is done properly.

Amy has a vast experience in Social Media Marketing.

With that, she had managed thousands of successful campaigns in the past few years at DM Confidential.


Jason Hahn

Jason Hahn


Jason writes and edits content for DM Confidential.

He has 7 years of experience in writing content related to Digital Marketing. He also enjoys sharing his knowledge about Online Marketing through blogging.

You can check out all of his latest blog content here at DM Confidential.


Marly Zimmerman

Marly Zimmerman

Assistant Marketing Manager

Marly is responsible for marketing all DM Confidential packages.

She manages advertising and partnership opportunities and implements social media initiatives.


Mary-Lou French

Mary-Lou French

Marketing and Sales Assistant

Mary-Lou is responsible for managing all the support and sales enquires for DM Confidential.
Saun Sayamongkhun

Saun Sayamongkhun

Marketing Assistant

Saun has been with DM Confidential for close to half a decade.

She has experience in social media advertising space. Not only that, but she has also worked with many big corporations.

Everything is done in-house

In DM Confidential, all of our digital marketing services are all done 100% in-house. We’re a high-level Digital marketing agency that can help you to get the engagements, leads and customers that you always wanted.

Our strongsuits are helping affiliate marketers as well as local small business owners and social media influencers. We take pride in hiring the best of the best in the digital marketing industry. We don’t outsource our services to other marketing agency. This means that you will get the best marketing services in terms of cost and quality.

There’s a sneak peak of how our office looks like:

DM Confidential Office

What We Do

We help to take the complicated guesswork out of digital marketing to help make fast growth available to anyone regardless if you’re an affiliate marketer, social media influencer or a small business owner.

In DM Confidential, we always find a way to make sure we can help you to get the result you are looking for. Whether you want to use our services for lead generation, increase engagement or brand awareness, we know how to get that done. Why? This is because we actually DO this stuff for a living.

what we do