How To Optimize LinkedIn For Lead Generation

by | Jun 17, 2020

How To Optimize LinkedIn For Lead Generation

We all know that LinkedIn is a platform for those who are hunting for a job and corresponding recruiters. However, what we may be missing is that LinkedIn can also be a perfect avenue to be a digital marketers or entrepreneur. All this time, we are underutilizing LinkedIn as a marketing tool. By the way, if you are looking for more ideas to generate leads for your business, check out this post on the latest B2B lead generation strategies.

If you look at the LinkedIn profiles of some business professionals out there, I am sure that you will find a common error: their profiles look like their resume! They have listed their achievement, the schools that they attended, their skills, and the companies that they have worked for.

Furthermore, it shows so little about their present such as the company that they are working for right now, their values and principles, and, most notably, their existing customers. Those who have realized the potential of this social media platform have been using all types of strategies such as buying real followers on LinkedIn to build an audience fast.

If you are an entrepreneur and think that you are guilty of the same mistake, let me help you optimize your LinkedIn profile for lead generation.

Here are some few tips that you need to know:

Display A Branded Background Photo

Try visiting random people profiles on LinkedIn, and you will be amazed to figure out two things about their cover photo. The first thing is that most don’t have one, and the other fact is that they have one, but it’s utterly unrelated to what they are doing!

I checked out some of the salespeople’s profiles, and they do have a background photo. What they have instead is a picture of beautiful scenery. To be frank, this is a good one if they are photographers or are working in the photo industry. However, they are not. They are condominium agents, financial advisors, and many more.

This is why my advice is for you to consider having your company logo and a short pitch about your mission and values. You can also spice it up a little by adding an image that best represents your company’s brand identity.

Moreover, if you are worried about your editing skills, then let me give you an extra tip. I personally use Canva and Adobe Spark– these are beginner-friendly tools that let you easily create a professionally done branded background!

Make Contents That Will Aid In The Buying Process

The most effective way to do this is two have at least two pieces of multi-media content displayed on your LinkedIn profile. These can be links to blog posts, vlogs, or landing pages to your website.

Strong and relevant visual sales are a must in any sales pitch. Moreover, these visual aids appeal more to the customers.

You can also purchase LinkedIn shares to increase your posts’ reach. This strategy is priced for as low as $5!

Put An Attention-grabber Headline

Never agree or let yourself use the default headline that LinkedIn suggests. That only shows your job title. Think about this, when you are a customer and went to an entrepreneur’s profile to see that his job title is an “Account Analyst,” would that make any sense to you? Will you be encouraged to reach out to him to inquire about his products?

I am betting that there are a lot of people on LinkedIn with the same title as yours. Therefore, what you should do is to make your stand out.

You can talk about how you add your personal values to your clients and to what you are selling. Just remember that the number of characters that you can use is limited, so you must keep it brief but compelling!

It must be impactful to attract more followers.

A great example would be: “I empower people by helping them make smart choices.

Use A High-resolution Profile Picture

Pixelated pictures are a thing of yesterday!

Technology has improved now, so the camera that you are using should too.

You can also just opt to have a photo session in a studio. A good and quality profile picture also has a huge impact.

Integrate Your Value Pitch in the Summary

Your summary should not be about a short discussion about your past achievements. What people care about more is the “you” in the “now.”

Therefore, your summary should focus on what solutions you will be able to bring to the table as the “expert” of your company.

This is why you should put less of your accomplishments and put more about the values and principles that make you who you are today.

Your prospects won’t care if you are your region’s best or if you have achieved a percentage above your quota. What they would look at is your personality.

Moreover, you should already delete the catchphrases that you put there while you were still looking for a job.

Remember that your target audience now is no longer the recruiters but the potential customers. Think about what your prospect would want to hear and write it there.

Lastly, you also need to put a Call to Action at the end so that your potential customers will know what to do next and how to reach you.

Get Recommendations from Your Clients

The ability to get recommendations from your audience is so far the best sales tool on LinkedIn.

These recommendations are displayed on your profile and are very powerful because they are linked directly to those people’s profiles. This acts as a review about you.

When you have people vouching for what you have done, the new people that you will meet will easily place their trust in you.

Final Thought

Shifting your LinkedIn account from the job-hunting mode to client-prospecting mode may be a little overwhelming and confusing. But, trust me, the process is worth it.

Imagine, it has 575 million registered users that you can one day turn into clients.

Just make sure that you have optimized your LinkedIn profile well so they will be attracted straight to it!

Written By Jason Hahn
Jason Hanh is the Chief Editor at DM Confidential. He has 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing. He enjoys sharing his knowledge about Online Marketing through blogging.