Five Ways B2B Marketers Can Leverage On LinkedIn

by | Jun 18, 2020

Five Ways B2B Marketers Can Leverage On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is now also becoming a platform for generating leads. This is great because we all know that leads can turn into potential customers, and customers are who bring in the revenue.

Generating leads is not an easy thing to do, but it can pay off pretty big if correctly done.

However, this will only be possible if you are not struggling with building up your online presence. Furthermore, a conflict may arise about focusing on just one or two social platforms where your target audience is mostly concentrated. By doing so, you could better engage potential customers.

LinkedIn can be one of your choices.

Why? This is because there are more than 520,000,000 business professionals registered on this platform.

I’m sure that if you use LinkedIn as one of your business’s marketing strategies, you will be able to build targeted connections, get higher-quality leads, fortify your relationship with clients, and increase your brand visibility.

Sounds good, right?

If these things make you interested, let us discuss the five ways B2B marketers can leverage on LinkedIn.

Ask Your Friends and Workmates to Share Your LinkedIn Posts

What’s the sense of having so many friends if they are not sharing your posts? Kidding aside, you might just want to ask them humbly. After all, even one share can make a huge difference.

You should take into consideration that during this age, an algorithm is what matters. The more traction your article or posts can have as early as possible, the more reactions and reach it’s going to end up having.

This is why you should not feel any shame in requesting any like or share from your colleagues! Remember that the more engagement you get, the more reach you will definitely get! 

However, if this is still not enough, you can get more brand awareness and exposure by buying LinkedIn Shares that are from real users. Through this method, you will be able to get your post to be shared on LinkedIn at a very affordable price.

Create & Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page 

Your first requirement is to establish a company page. You should put in mind that a B2B business needs to enhance your company’s online presence. Moreover, you should also support your SEO strategy and protect your digital reputation.

Furthermore, you should also make sure that the company page that you have established can be found beyond simple name searches. Doing this will not only drive traffic to your page, but it will also attract potential connections.

But “how” is the question. The things that you should do is to incorporate strong keywords in your company description. This is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. It will also be helpful if you can have a list of the top-ranked keywords for your category. You can also read this article to learn how to optimize LinkedIn for lead generation.

Build Your Presence With Targeted Content

Remember what makes LinkedIn different from the other social networks is that people here tend to connect with someone that is in the same industry that they are in. It is not like the others where you can just get as many friends as you want.

Posting targeted content will help you get more audience. If they see or feel this certain connection that they have with your content, then they are more likely to engage with it. Moreover, they may become advocates in sharing the ideas that you have communicated through their own network.

Once they share your content, people outside your connection will be able to see it automatically. That’s less hard work on promoting your content! By doing so, you can gain far more reach and influence on LinkedIn, which could one day result in new connections that can open new doors of opportunities. 

Publish Long-form Post or Articles

Do you want to know what I notice when I visit successful LinkedIn profiles? They publish long posts! You might think that this is old-school, but this is actually what people there are hyped about.

Long-form posts or articles should not just be about a random thing– it should be packed with values and experiences that could spark inspiration to the people on LinkedIn. You should note that your post is probably going to be a flop if you are not providing any value.

One of the best ways to be visible in someone else’s feed is sharing something that is packed with serious information. People would always want to have something in return from reading that very long write-up: and that would be the learnings that are very relevant to their experiences.

You can also purchase real likes on LinkedIn to get social proof for your post. When you have more likes on your LinkedIn post, it will give the impression to your audience that the post is worth reading.

Share Images With Your Content

Supplement the value-packed words that you are sharing with images. An infographic will surely help your blog posts. The reason behind this is because people tend to digest information better if it has illustrations.

Moreover, graphs and tables can better communicate your insights. This could help in helping people understand data points even better.

Moreover, sharing images is giving more privilege for visual learners. Believe me. These people will not forget impactful graphic content!

The New Marketing Way

Long gone are the old ways of marketing where you need to go out the streets to give away flyers or invest a significant amount just to get featured on a billboard. Social networking platforms available online are far easier and affordable.

This is why if you are in a B2B business, then I hope that I have helped you know the ins and outs of leveraging through LinkedIn!

Written By Jason Hahn
Jason Hanh is the Chief Editor at DM Confidential. He has 7 years of experience in Digital Marketing. He enjoys sharing his knowledge about Online Marketing through blogging.