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Now you can buy LinkedIn Shares that will get you the growth you need to bring your company to the next level.

If you want to get your posts shared on LinkedIn, then It’s time to capitalize on LinkedIn.

After all, if your content isn’t out there, what use is your LinkedIn account? Buy LinkedIn post shares from our 100% legitimate and trustworthy service.

What Makes DM Confidential’s Buy LinkedIn Shares Packages Different From Our Competitors

Below are the reasons what makes DM Confidential unique compare to other social media packages on the market.


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Drop Replacement

Worried that your shares will drop within a few days? Worry no more!

Our service is backed with a drop replacement guarantee.

This means if your shares drop within 15 days, we’ll funnel in more shares for you, free of charge!


Real and Legit LinkedIn Shares

We make sure that your LinkedIn post URL will be shared by real people who could turn into potential clients.

This also ensure that they’re sharing your posts with like-minded individuals who would be interested in you and what you have to say.


no bots

100% No Bots

We do not in any way use bots in our service.

The reason why our service takes a bit longer to deliver is that we’re dripping in legit and real LinkedIn post shares.

These are people that are genuinely interested in sharing your article.

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Boosts Your Social Presence

Our Buy LinkedIn Shares service delivers 64% referrals to your LinkedIn post URL.

The added shares help you reach a wider audience.

Yes! Even wider than what you paid for. Satisfaction Guarantee with our result!

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Safe Delivery

We dripped the shares over a period of time.

This means your interaction will seem more real and won’t put you at risk of violating the terms of use of LinkedIn.

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Affordable Price

Not only that, our LinkedIn shares packages are from real and legitimate users. But more than that, all of our LinkedIn Marketing Packages will always be reasonably priced.

Moreover, you could buy 100 LinkedIn shares from us and still have enough left over to spend on various marketing campaigns.

How to Buy LinkedIn Shares From DM Confidential

Buying LinkedIn shares from DM Confidential is as easy as one, two three. If you have any questions, you can always contact our customer support team by sending an email message.


Step 1: Make a Payment

Your order starts when you have made payment. We accept Paypal as a payment gateway which is also beneficial for you because of their buyer protection program.

Step 2: Provide Information

After payment is made, you’ll be taken to a dashboard where you’ll be able to put in the links of up to 5 LinkedIn posts you would like to boost.

Step 3: Order is Processed

We will start processing your order either immediately or within 24 hours. You’ll receive your shares gradually and actual delivery time will depend on the number of shares you’ve purchased.

Great Advantages and Benefits of Buying LinkedIn Shares

Microsoft LinkedIn is THE platform for professionals looking to connect with like-minded people or companies.

You’ve heard about the LinkedIn stock price, it’s only gone up within the past few years.

This means LinkedIn is becoming more and more essential to professionals and companies alike. Aside from growing your follower count and capitalizing on likes, you can also maximize interaction by encouraging more people to share your LinkedIn post.

The best way to get success on this platform to do this social media platform is to buy LinkedIn shares. Our packages helps you reach more people and potential customers by allowing you to buy LinkedIn shares. This means anywhere from 50 Linkedin shares, 100 LinkedIn shares to 500 LinkedIn shares.

But how does this benefit you and your company? What are the Benefits to buy LinkedIn Post Shares? It’s simple:

Get More Engagements

One way to advertise your LinkedIn account is to have a lot of interaction.

This covers everything from posting content, gathering likes, followers, and comments to having people share your Linkedin post.

When people share your LinkedIn post, you’re reaching not only that person but potentially hundreds more that follow them and their content.This allows you to tap into at least 50 LinkedIn users or more per share.

Get Your Posts More Visibility

You’re encouraging people to interact with your post. In order to do this, you need to entice people. This means you need to convince them your content is worth their notice.

One way to do this is to write something engaging. But this isn’t always a guarantee of interaction.

When more people share your LinkedIn post, more people are likely to read it based on that recommendation.

Build Credibility

Business owners are naturally drawn to content with social proof.

This is true for business professionals.

Why would you waste your time reading something potentially invaluable?

The more LinkedIn post shares you have, the more it validates the fact that your post is worth their attention.

Is It Safe to Buy LinkedIn Shares?

All DM Confidential’s LinkedIn Marketing Packages are 100% safe. This means that if you buy LinkedIn Shares from us, you’re safe from getting banned on LinkedIn.

Your order is processed by delivering real and legitimate LinkedIn shares. None of these are bot-generated and are guaranteed to spark interest in your post.

Moreover, this also means that your posts are getting shared by people who are truly interested in your LinkedIn content.

If you’re worried that your content will be stolen from you, there’s no need to worry. Your rights reserved are well-protected and we only funnel in LinkedIn shares for already published LinkedIn posts.

What does this mean? You’ll only be sharing your LinkedIn post URL with us and not a soft copy. So your content is well-protected on your behalf.

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How to Get More LinkedIn Shares

There are a variety of ways you can get more LinkedIn shares. But let’s look at other alternatives below:

  • Write quality and engaging content – this is one of the fastest ways to encourage people to share your content. Professionals will share anything that seems of value to them. Make sure it resonates with your follower base and is relevant to your brand.
  • Write relevant content – keep an eye on what’s trending. This will help you navigate the market and write about pieces that are timely. But remember, keep it connected to your brand.
  • Share eye-catching imagery – people are more likely to share something that catches their eye. Make sure you add in an image that catches people’s attention.
  • Grow your follower base – this is something you need to put time into as well. After all, how will people see your content if you’re not visible? A quick way is to get LinkedIn Followers to build a following first.
How to Get More LinkedIn Shares

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing LinkedIn Shares

Below, we answered some of the most pressing and frequently asked questions about our LinkedIn shares packages.

How long does it take to start the delivery when I buy LinkedIn shares?

Our LinkedIn Shares packages delivers your shares gradually within a span of 5 to 14 days. This allows your shares to look more organic. Moreover, it also guarantees that you aren’t violating any of LinkedIn’s terms of use.

Can you drip the LinkedIn shares over a period of time?

Yes. this is the best process to get better results and exposure. Your shares will be delivered throughout 14 days or depending on the number of shares you purchase.

It may take longer, but this is done so your shares will look more organic and so LinkedIn doesn’t think you’re violating terms of use.

Are your LinkedIn shares real and legit or are they fake shares?

Our shares are 100% real. This means your content will be shared by users who are actually interested in your content. It also means your content will be shared with like-minded individuals that could turn into potential clients.

Can I get banned when I buy LinkedIn Shares?

Our LinkedIn shares service is 100% safe. This means you cannot be banned from LinkedIn because we take precautionary measures. What’s more, our service does not utilize illegal bots to deliver shares.

Can I buy LinkedIn shares from certain countries only (geo-target)?

Unfortunately, geo-tagging is unavailable for now. We deliver shares from users all-over the world. This means you’re getting a mix of different countries interested in your content.