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Want to grow your network online fast? If the answer is yes, then the fastest way is to buy LinkedIn Connections.

When you get more connections on LinkedIn, it becomes so much easier to get more jobs, clients, and to grow your business.

Now you can buy real LinkedIn Connections at an affordable price by DM Confidential. Our social media marketing team is experienced and will make sure you get real LinkedIn connections.

What Makes DM Confidential’s LinkedIn Connections Packages Special?

There are many reasons that make DM Confidential’s LinkedIn Marketing Packages stand out from our competitors. Our business prioritizes your brand’s needs and employs top-tier social media marketing services that funnel LinkedIn connections to your profile which allows you to establish yourself on this professional social media platform.

Take a look at what makes our LinkedIn Marketing services special:


Real and Legitimate LinkedIn Connections

We do not use bots  to fulfill orders. We’ve marketing strategies to make sure that you’re getting legit LinkedIn Connections.


Unlimited LinkedIn Connections

You can place an order for up to 1200 LinkedIn Connections at a time or you could also start with a LinkedIn connection order of 150 connections.

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100% Safe Purchase

Aside from our Paypal buyer protection, you’re also guaranteed that you’re not violating any of LinkedIn’s terms of use which could result in a banned account.

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Premium Account Security

Unlike other platforms, there is no need to log into our dashboard.

We won’t ask for any info about your account other than a link to your Linkedin profile.

This way, you don’t have to worry about a potential breach of security.

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24/7 Customer Support

Our team of customer support specialists is available to help you 24/7 via email or website.

This means any questions regarding your LinkedIn connection order will be answered in a timely manner.

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Reasonable Price

We don’t charge exorbitant prices to help your business or profile flourish.

We can make sure that our marketing services are the safest and the best and the most reasonably priced for the value.

How to Buy LinkedIn Connections From DM Confidential

Buying LinkedIn connections from our platform is as easy as it gets. You can buy your connections in three easy steps:


Step 1: Make Payment

The first step to choose the LinkedIn Connections packages that you want is to make payment.

Our primary gateway is Paypal where you will be protected by Paypal’s buyer protection.

You will be asked to click start order after making a payment as well.

Step 2: Provide Your Profile Link

You do not need to log into your LinkedIn account for us to start delivering connections to you. Like any other social media platform, it’s important to keep your information safe and secure.

That’s why you’ll be taken to a dashboard that asks for your profile link instead. We will be sharing your profile with a wide network of like-minded individuals who will decide for themselves whether they want to connect with you or not.

Step 3: Wait for Delivery

Your order will be processed immediately within 24 hours.

Delivery may take a bit longer since your connections are dripped instead of delivered in one go so you’re not violating any of LinkedIn’s terms of use.

Great Advantages and Benefits of Buying LinkedIn Connections

There are many reasons why you would want to grow your business connections on LinkedIn. For one, LinkedIn utilizes what is called a search network to navigate search results. This means you’re only visible to your first, second, and third networks. If you’re not familiar with that, let me break it down for you:

  • The first network – this comprises your direct network of connections on LinkedIn. There are people who are directly connected to your LinkedIn profile.
  • The second network – this includes the number of LinkedIn connections your direct LinkedIn connections have. So let’s say you have 5 connections, and each of them has 100 connections, you’ll be reaching 500 connections or LinkedIn profiles.
  • The third network – last but not least, the third network. This generally means the connections that your second network has. So if those 500 connections each have 100 connections, you’re reaching a total of 5,000 LinkedIn users only.

While it may sound like a lot, it’s arguably not. LinkedIn has a collective 500 million LinkedIn users around the globe. So in reality, you’re not even reaching the bare minimum you need to fully capitalize on LinkedIn. So are you considering our buy LinkedIn Connections service now? If you’re still unimpressed, here are more reasons why you need to buy more LinkedIn connections:

Social Proof

Social proof is the game-changer factor to give you an advantage over your competition on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn connections help you establish social proof and solidify your expertise.

Increasing the number of connections on LinkedIn is best way to capitalize increase your social proof.

Improves Trust & Credibility

LinkedIn profile with more connections tends to look more like a legitimate business.

By having a LinkedIn profile that has a significant amount of connections will make your profile more credible.

When you’ve build a trustworthy profile ,you’ll start noticing growing your LinkedIn followers becomes so much more easier than ever before.

Increases Your Reach/Visibility

Your LinkedIn connections determine how many people you can reach on LinkedIn on search results.

This means you show up more frequently and are more likely to gain real LinkedIn connections apart from buying them from marketing services like ours.

You can also buy followers on LinkedIn to give an extra boost to this social media platform.

What to Expect When You Buy LinkedIn Connections From DM Confidential?

LinkedIn is the primary social media platform for professionals to connect. As such, growing your connections on LinkedIn will lead to:

  • Increased traffic and interactions – the more connections you have, the more likely people will interact with your profile. This means you should see an increase in followers, likes, connections, shares, and comments.
  • Increased business opportunities – it’s understandable that you may gain potential clients through growing your connections list. Expect to hear from potential clients who would be interested in your brand.
  • More frequent appearance on search results – a larger connection list means you appear in more search results. This means more followers, connections, potential clients, and interactions.
Buy LinkedIn Connections

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing LinkedIn Shares

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about our LinkedIn marketing services below.

How long does it take to start the delivery for LinkedIn Connections?

Your order will be dripped into your profile within 3-7 days. The actual delivery time depends on your actual order. This make sure that your profile is safe.

Are your LinkedIn Connections from real and legit users or are they fake?

Our service utilizes 100% real and legitimate users to grow your connection list. We do not utilize bots or offer an instant connection service wherein bots and fake or incentivized accounts are used to deliver the service.

Can I get banned from buying LinkedIn Connections?

No. Our service is 100% safe and does not violate any of LinkedIn’s terms of use. You can rest assured that you’re growing a legitimate network on LinkedIn without risk of getting banned.