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Are you itching to buy LinkedIn Accounts? You’ve come to the right place! You can now buy LinkedIn accounts to take your business to a new level.

 Check out all the features of our LinkedIn accounts packages.

Great Features of DM Confidential’s Buy LinkedIn Accounts Packages

Any serious business owner will tell you that the key to running a smooth and successful LinkedIn account is having a dedicated audience. This includes potential clients and a highly reputable account that has a good reach. Sure, your account might be alright on its own, but with one or two connections, and very few followers, you’re unlikely to tap into the full potential of owning a LinkedIn account.

What’s more, is that you’re unlikely to be able to build trust and rapport with fellow business accounts on LinkedIn when you’re new to it. Yes, you can use your resources to buy connections on LinkedIn.

You can also buy followers, but if your account is relatively new, it can be difficult to gain a foothold without spending a fortune from the get-go.

This is when buying accounts comes in handy. When you buy LinkedIn accounts, it usually comes with connections and a solid audience all without having to buy LinkedIn connections separately. There are many services in the market that offer this. 

Here’s what makes our packages different from other marketing service providers when you buy LinkedIn accounts from DM Confidential.

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Phone Verified Accounts

Skip the verification process with an account that lets you focus on your business from day one.

There’s no need to wait for a verification code on your email or your phone because it’s all verified for you.

aged accounts

Aged LinkedIn Accounts

Looking to buy aged Linkedin accounts that to establish social proof for your business?

We offer legitimate aged accounts on LinkedIn that are ideal for any business that wants to refrain from looking like the new kid on the block.

no bots

No Bots (Manual Work)

When you buy LinkedIn accounts from DM Confidential, all of your accounts are done manually by our social media marketing team.

We don’t use bots to fulfill any of our orders to ensure you are getting the best quality services at the best prices.

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100% Safe

When you buy LinkedIn accounts from us, there’s no need to fear having any issues!

Our LinkedIn Accounts are 100% safe since all are done manually. You won’t get banned because you’re not violating any terms of use.


Verified Accounts with Connections

Establish your network easily by buying LinkedIn accounts with connections.

One way to expand your reach is to grow your connections.

Our service takes you one step closer to succeeding on LinkedIn.


Verified Accounts with Followers

Followers will engage with you and help your voice get heard! They’re also most likely to sign up for your email list.

Our LinkedIn accounts have legitimate followers that help your brand get recognized.

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Which Buy LinkedIn Account Package is Right for Me?

There are three options when you’re buying LinkedIn accounts from DM Confidential. All of which vary in price and the kind of account you’ll get. Take a closer look at the packages we offer:

Buy Aged LinkedIn Accounts Only

This package is available starting at $45. You’re able to choose to buy 5 PVA accounts up to 100 PVA accounts. There are also options to choose between aged or fresh accounts.

Take note that you’re only able to buy a minimum of 10 LinkedIn fresh accounts.

This package is best for anyone who wants to build a network on LinkedIn themselves.

Aged LinkedIn Account with Connections

This 2 in 1 bundle allows you to buy a single PVA LinkedIn account plus any number of LinkedIn connections you choose to buy on top of it.

This is ideal if you want to buy accounts on LinkedIn with a direct network to increase your visibility. If you want to boost your LinkedIn account even more, you can look into DM Confidential’s LinkedIn Connections Packages.

LinkedIn Account With Followers

If you’re looking for accounts that will help you establish your social presence, this package allows you to buy a single account plus followers. This guarantees that you have an audience from the get-go without determining your actual network of LinkedIn accounts that are connected to you.

You can also purchase active LinkedIn followers separately to boost your existing account.

How to Buy a LinkedIn Account From DM Confidential

We make buying LinkedIn accounts a quick and easy process that is easily trackable whether you’re looking to purchase accounts on LinkedIn that are fresh or aged. It can be done in three easy steps and you don’t even have to worry about a thing except wait for delivery.

Step One: Make Payment

We accept Paypal which is covered by the buyer guarantee. This ensures the transaction is safe and secure. You may receive a verification email from us as well as an email confirming your order.

Step 2: Track Your Order

Once payment is made, you will be able to access a dashboard which lets you track your order. Your order will be processed within 24 hours. You should receive an email confirming it and letting you know when we start processing your order.

Step 3: Wait for Delivery

You will receive your order with 5-10 days depending on the size of the order. If your Paypal email is different from your customer email, please expect a verification email from us.

Benefits of Buying LinkedIn Accounts

Whether you have a new or established brand, there’s no denying that LinkedIn opens up countless opportunities for any business. Take a look at some of the most notable benefits of buying accounts on LinkedIn:

Focus on your content

It takes time to create multiple LinkedIn accounts. It is better if you spend the time to create high-engaging content on this social media platform than creating LinkedIn accounts one-by one.

Buying an account means you get to skip the tedious verification process at the very least.

This means you have more time to focus on what you need to post and the content you’d like to share with other professionals.

Grow your audience quickly

Anyone who is familiar with digital marketing knows how difficult it is to grow an audience on any platform. The same can be said for LinkedIn profiles.

Purchasing an account that has an inbuilt following or network allows you to reach more people from the get go without having to worry about how to grow your visibility.

Quickly Boost Your Visibility

It takes lots of time and effort to build a LinkedIn account with connections. You’d need to spend invitation and messages to build connections on LinkedIn

A quick solution is to buy LinkedIn Account with Connections. This will help you reach more people. This means you’ll appear in searches more frequently and you’re more likely to be discovered by users you did not pay for.

Build Trust

Purchasing aged LinkedIn accounts in particular make sure that your brand is viewed as experienced.

Often when new LinkedIn accounts are created, potential customers tend to view it as a newer brand which could deter them from working with you.

Not only that, when you have an aged LinkedIn accounts, it shows that your business is legit.

What is the Difference Between LinkedIn Phone Verified (PVA) and non PVA Accounts?

Phone-verified accounts are a good way to start marketing on LinkedIn. This guarantees that you’re buying a real and legitimate account that is either fresh or aged. Either way, buying a legitimate LinkedIn PVA is better than creating a new one and buying LinkedIn connections. It helps you save time, money and it also helps you focus on other aspects of your business.

It is never a good idea to purchase a non-PVA LinkedIn profile. It may be cheaper. However, you’re never guaranteed that it’s legitimate. You could end up getting locked out of your LinkedIn accounts and getting banned from LinkedIn entirely.

Buy LinkedIn Accounts

Other FAQs About Purchasing LinkedIn Accounts

Below, we answer some of the most important and frequently asked questions about buying accounts on LinkedIn.

How long does it take to start the delivery of LinkedIn accounts?

The actual delivery of accounts you order can take anywhere between 5-10 business days depending on the size of your order.

Are these LinkedIn accounts phone verified? (PVA)?

Yes. We only provide 100% verified LinkedIn accounts to guarantee that you’re safe from getting banned or locked out of the account you’ll buy.

Can I get banned from buying a LinkedIn account?

No. Our service is 100% safe. You’re buying LinkedIn accounts that are guaranteed to be safe, legitimate, and comply with LinkedIn’s terms of use.

When I buy bulk LinkedIn accounts am I buying aged LinkedIn accounts with followers? 

When you buy bulk, there is an option to purchase either fresh or aged accounts. That said, accounts that you buy in bulk do not come with followers. This is a separate service that you will have to buy.