April 21, 2015

PrimeQ Interactive Advertising unveils international co-registration path with improved optimization and lead delivery technology

Mission Viejo, CA – May 17, 2006 – PrimeQ Solutions, Inc. and it’s UK subsidiary, PrimeQ Limited, (dba PrimeQ Interactive Advertising), a leader in online custom lead generation, interactive marketing and affiliate programs, today announced that it has made a break through with its lead generation and delivery system indicating that it now offers a registration path through its proprietary Self-Optimizing Revenue Technology™ (SORT) that can automatically deliver online advertisements through a single co-registration path for multiple countries. The technology enables its affiliates and customers to monetize traffic where there has previously been little or no revenue.

“Finding interested consumers on the internet will never be the same. With the roll out of this new system to our internal websites as well as offering the solutions to our affiliate publisher base, the opportunities in online advertising are vast,” says Jason McClain, President / CEO. “With the new platform online we are working hard to move into other countries including Australia , Sweden , Germany , New Zealand and France . Online advertisers are demanding partnerships that can take them into multiple countries and access consumers in multiple languages. Our solutions enable us to set up a site and a campaign in minutes vs. weeks.” PrimeQ can now offer second by second lead delivery in the US and the UK . The new platform uses a patent pending technology created in house called CoRegNet ™ (CRN) . This technology offers improved reporting for affiliates, 10 minute campaign setup for advertisers and real time delivery to multiple platforms. CRN enables real time lead generation across multiple languages, countries, websites and industries.

The improved optimization technology does much more than just marry the two continents PrimeQ works in for online lead generation. It has the ability to optimize a campaign through geography, behavior, contextual, language, CPA, category and volume. This new solution analyzes the traffic patterns, clicks, conversions and subject matters of a site and makes real time choices as to the placement of a campaign to ensure the highest quality lead for the advertiser as well as maximize the revenue for the publisher of the path. It even has the ability to deactivate a campaign in the event of a quality drop.

“No other network offers this type of online intelligence in the lead generation space on an international level as does PrimeQ. Advertisers and publishers can participate in a mutually beneficial process to enable them both to reach their goals,” says James Stevens, Chief Technology Officer at PrimeQ. “This technology will assist publishers in getting the most from their online real estate,” said Jeremy Bilawa , Vice President / COO.

“The system is designed to scale. Whatever type of behavioral activity we want to consider can easily be added with these new upgrades,” remarked Jorge Ramos, Lead Engineer on the 12 month upgrade endeavor.

PrimeQ’s enhanced systems uses 3 proprietary technologies called Self-Optimizing Revenue Technology™ (SORT) , Tracking Revenues and Acquiring Campaigns™ (TRAC), and Advertisers Delivery System™ (ADS). The upgrades will improve the syndication efforts abilities and campaign selection for both the US and the UK as well as Affiliate and Advertiser’s interface for delivery, reporting and billing.

About PrimeQ Interactive Advertising, Inc.:
Headquartered in Mission Viejo , Calif. with branch offices in London , England , privately held, PrimeQ is a leader in providing online advertising solutions for custom lead generation and affiliate networking services. Currently, the Company owns and maintains hundreds of online properties that generate custom leads, traffic and brand awareness for its clients in multiple verticals, is the US and UK . URL: www.primeq.com .

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