March 27, 2015

New Year’s Resolutions and Recommendations for Online Marketers in 2013

The onslaught of Christmas music has relented, TBS is no longer running “A Christmas Story,” and happy teenagers are showing off their new iPads and iPhones at the local Starbucks during normal school hours.

New Year's resolutions

Yes, the 2012 holiday season is winding down and it’s time for people to engage in those inner debates about whether the third time trying a new gym membership is, indeed, a charm.

For marketers, this time of year means tying up loose ends and planning for 2013. To that end, we’ve gathered some New Year’s resolutions and suggestions from various experts in the industry.

Lindsay Mahoney, director of marketing communications at Silverpop:
“In 2013, my goal is to further enhance our lead-nurturing efforts by continuing to focus on the life of a lead, developing nurture tracks that match up with even more specific buyer paths so we continue to deliver incredibly relevant content based on a prospect’s individual behaviors and interests. To that end, I’m looking forward to taking a close look at every lead that’s closed and really digging into the individual buyer paths. Hopefully we can even get to the point of predicting next moves and stages for future prospects.”

Thomas Murphy, director of enterprise marketing and client relations at TheLadders:
“In 2013, we resolve to implement a more manageable way to deliver tailored content in a B2B environment. The challenge of optimizing content via online marketing is that consumers have varying needs and digest information differently and personally. However, by developing bespoke and effective messages, marketing evolves from a generic sales-pitch to informative and helpful.”

Peter Klein, senior vice president of media services at MediaWhiz:
“I look forward to growing an even more cohesive and career-focused team. I’m proud of their accomplishments amidst a tumultuous 2012. They deserve nothing but the best for their loyalty, dedication and hard work. On a personal note, I’d like to keep driving performance marketing while learning more about mobile and display to enhance MediaWhiz’s service offerings in those areas.”

Josh Glantz, vice president and general manager of Publishers Clearing House Online:
“Mobile, mobile and mobile. As our audience continues to engage with us on desktop computers, they are visiting our sites and opening our emails on mobile devices at a rapidly escalating pace. Providing them with exciting content and winning opportunities is our primary objective and, of course, we will focus also on ways to monetize that mobile experience as well.”

Lorrie Thomas Ross, CEO and “marketing therapist” for full-service marketing agency Web Marketing Therapy and author of “The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course: Online Marketing“:
“My company resolution for 2013 is to display our corporation’s personality in a more prominent way online — Web, social media, emails, etc. We attract clients by providing value, but we attract ideal clients when they connect with our values and voice – our authentic personality. My company culture is super authentic — wacky senses of humor, a no-nonsense approach to business, strong values (environmental causes, giveback, health, pursuing creating passions) — and I want to bring that more to the surface. Marketing online isn’t just buying ads — it’s what we communicate to secure relationships – new ones and keeping old ones.”

Larry Kim, founder and CTO of WordStream:
“In 2013, Google will unleash more zoo creatures like pandas and penguins, etc., making SEO harder while making ads and Google+ more prominent in the SERP (search engine results page) than ever. The need for a balanced inbound marketing strategy including PPC, SEO and social will be more important than ever.”

Pete Sheinbaum, founder and CEO of LinkSmart:
“2013 will be the year to keep your content healthy. The best way to achieve your goals? Use keywords and text linking to connect readers with high-value content. This focus on mining existing editorial helps improve revenue, decrease unnecessary spend on affiliate content or ads, and increases reader stickiness by leveraging high-velocity areas of websites like videos.”

Ed Forteau, CEO of Wandering Media Group and the an author of a chapter in “Million Dollar Marketing Secrets: 22 Top Pros Share Their Time-Tested Insights!”:
“Streamline our social media presence to get more done, serve our audience and readers better, and make it a more profitable investment of our time. Instead of dividing our time across multiple social media channels, focus on one and increase engagement with our followers. Create meaningful relationships with our readers.”

Cara France, CEO of The Sage Group and founder of Marketers That Matter:
“You got beauty, now use your brain. Nothing makes us happier than seeing a gorgeous ad campaign or nailing a key message that resonates with our audience. This year, online marketers need to figure out the right mix of analytics to leverage the abundance of data these campaigns generate. With the right mix of smart, tailored content; innovative ad tech; and the right analytics, online marketing will soar to new heights in 2013.

“Get engaged — it’s time to take that relationship to a new level. If 2012 taught us to stop shouting at and start listening to our consumers, then 2013 should be about using online marketing to engage. When online marketing fosters a quality-content-driven discussion with consumers, the result is a relationship that extends across all channels, technologies and platforms.”

Daryl Hatfield, director of digital marketing at Garden State Home Loans:
“My New Year’s resolution is to simply become more organized. I currently handle a plethora of tasks and can easily become lost in them, so I plan to implement a ‘Three Things to Finish Before Noon’ routine to help me to stay focused.”

Jason Long, revenue engineer for revenue marketing agency The Pedowitz Group:
“Some people think New Year’s resolutions are cliché, but I think the new year is a great time to organize your programs and set up for the new year. My resolution is to do a better job of documenting our processes and best practices. As a demand-generation agency, our clients expect us to be a stellar example of how a modern sales and marketing team operates. Precise, detailed documentation will not only allow us to instruct new employees and prepare for changing roles, but can serve as a set of best practices that we can share with our clients and the demand-generation/marketing-automation community. Documenting while moving at a rapid pace is difficult, but I believe it is worth the effort and will be a major focus for my team in 2013.”

By Jason Hahn

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