March 29, 2015

LinkedIn Gets More Serious About Visual Content With Enhanced Updates Feature

Visual content is all the rage these days and it seems that LinkedIn is catching the fever, too. At the beginning of this month, the social network introduced a feature enabling users to post visual content (e.g., images, videos, presentations, etc.) to their profiles. Today, LinkedIn is announcing an enhanced updates feature, which lets users add images, documents and presentations to their updates right from the home page.

LinkedIn-logo“Whether it’s a thought provoking presentation about the future of big data or it’s a picture of an inspirational quote, or perhaps it’s an infographic showing the top trends impacting your industry, the possibilities are endless for what you can share on LinkedIn to add a richer and more visual component to your professional discussions,” writes Itamar Orgad, senior product manager at LinkedIn.

The new feature, which will be rolled out to all users in the next few weeks, appears as a paper clip on the right side of the update box on the home page. When clicked, the user can choose what kind of file to upload – image, presentation or document. Videos or other forms of rich media hosted on another site can be appended to an update by pasting the URL into the box.

Company page admins will also be able to upload images to those pages, a boon for brands looking to distinguish themselves via more visually charged content, like they should already be doing on other major social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

The ability to add presentations and documents to a LinkedIn update has clear business benefits for companies, but the chance to append images really opens the door for brands and professionals to show off more personality on the social network than they were able to before. The new feature can also be used to create more compelling calls to action.

According to comScore, LinkedIn was the No. 22 overall Web property in the U.S. in March, boasting nearly 50.0 million unique users.

A survey from Social Media Examiner found that 29 percent of B2B marketers point to LinkedIn has their go-to social media platform, tied with Facebook. However, only 5 percent of B2C marketers said the same about LinkedIn, while 67 percent of this group said Facebook was their social media platform of choice.

The virtues of LinkedIn as a channel for generating and nurturing leads, among other things, is clear enough. Today’s announcement only boosts LinkedIn’s appeal from a marketing standpoint.

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