April 1, 2015

Infographic: ‘SEO in 2013: The Year of the Consumer’

MediaWhiz, an integrated digital media and performance marketing agency, has put together an infographic looking at SEO’s shift from optimization for search engines to optimization for users. The infographic includes the following bits of information and advice:

-       56 percent of companies that blog once a month have acquired a customer through their blog; this number increases to 78 percent for companies that blog daily and 92 percent for companies that blog more than once a day

-       wordy content, keyword stuffing, spun content, grammatical errors and factual errors are all things to avoid

-       79 percent of marketers look to social media for finding third-party content to share

“To have true, long-term SEO success, you must optimize for users first and search engines second,” according to MediaWhiz’s white paper associated with the infographic.

See the full infographic below to learn more about what successful SEO in 2013 requires:

MediaWhiz SEO 2013 infographic

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