April 18, 2015

Infographic: How to Track Social Media ROI by Tracking People

KISSmetrics, a Web analytics provider, has put together an infographic showing how businesses can track social media ROI by tracking users. Here are some of the “stops” along the way of the 15-day roadmap the company lays out:

-       landing page

-       signup page

-       login page

-       upgrade page

“The only way to know your ROI from any of your online marketing activities is to be able to track visitors throughout multiple visits,” KISSmetrics says. “When you look at ROI in terms of single events, you’re getting a skewed vision that may be giving you incorrect information about your marketing efforts.”

For more details on how to follow users’ trails and find social media ROI, see the full infographic below:

KISSmetrics - social media ROI infographic

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