March 30, 2015

Google Unveils the ‘Full Value of Mobile’ Initiative to Show Mobile’s True Value

On Tuesday, Google took the wraps off of its Full Value of Mobile initiative to help marketers and businesses understand how mobile impacts them online and offline.

Google Full Value of Mobile

The initiative aims to help marketers get a better understanding of mobile attribution. It includes a calculator tool that helps businesses:

-       see how many of their in-store sales began on mobile devices

-       see how many phone orders originated from mobile ads and what they’re worth to the business

-       see how many app downloads come from mobile ads

-       understand how customers are using multiple devices to make purchases and how to value these sales

-       learn how sales on their mobile site drives value

Google - Full Value of Mobile calculator“We hope the Full Value of Mobile Calculator helps marketers begin to investigate mobile’s impact online and offline, whether they use it as a directional estimate of mobile’s value or to spark ideas on how to build deeper and more customized models,” writes Johanna Werther, head of mobile ads marketing, in Google’s blog post announcing the project.

The Full Value of Mobile initiative also offers videos explaining the multiple mobile paths to conversion, case studies examining successful mobile strategies and tips for measuring the value of mobile.

This follows Google’s enhanced AdWords campaigns and reporting, which was a significant shift toward mobile-friendly marketing. The company is taking steps toward unraveling the puzzle of mobile conversions, which it highlighted at a NYAMA-hosted event last month. These two slides from “Winning With Mobile in a Multi-Screen World,” a presentation by Google’s lead of agency business development Jordan Rost given at the event, sums up the conundrum Google is aiming to solve:

Google mobile NYAMA 1

Google mobile NYAMA 2

“Mobile device ubiquity, combined with the rapid evolution of mobile specific experiences and conversion models, are expanding marketers’ perspectives of mobile advertising ROI,” says Darren Clark, CTO of YP. “A few years ago, YP’s mobile traffic was highly concentrated in entertainment and ‘what’s nearby’ searches. Now we’re seeing major growth on our mobile properties for service categories that used to be almost exclusively coming from desktop searches. Mobile lifestyles are changing search behavior and we know the value of mobile to marketers will continue to change, too.”

“The new Google Full Value of Mobile calculator affirms the fact that one of the largest and most influential media channels recognizes the value of mobile marketing and tracking its value on a performance basis,” says Peter Klein, senior vice president of media services at MediaWhiz. “While I think the tool is somewhat rudimentary, like a mortgage calculator where you can toggle various values to get a result, it certainly gives power to the marketer to create relative ranges to bid on keywords and not overspend on marketing.”

Klein adds that his company holds the view that mobile marketing is a click-to-call and in-store driver of sales, which makes it difficult to track. “Google’s Full Value of Mobile tools help marketers go beyond the cookie, pixel, server, etc., to bridge the gap between online and offline mediums. This is a great move to provide legitimacy to mobile performance marketing and help push brands and response-focused clients to spend more in this growing channel.”

By Jason Hahn

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