March 29, 2015

Best Practices for Holiday Lead-Generation Marketing

Holiday presentsThe holiday season is upon us, so lead-generation marketers need to know how to make the best use of the time they have left during this potentially lucrative time of the year. Daryl Colwell, vice president of business development at MediaWhiz, has some tips to offer.

For companies that have put off their advertising and marketing efforts until now, Colwell says it’s not too late. “Most companies spend plenty of time developing their creative message, media strategy and negotiating their buys long before Thanksgiving,” he says. “When Thanksgiving arrives they hit the ground running with their Black Friday and Cyber Monday splashes. If you haven’t done it, it’s not too late! There is still some time before Christmas, but now is the time to work on it.”

Colwell also points out the three best practices for lead generation during the holidays:

1)   get started early

2)   be prepared to spend a little more

3)   ensure that your creative meets consumer demands during the specific season

Here’s a video clip of Colwell talking about the role lead generation plays in brands’ holiday marketing campaigns, along with how companies can prepare to pay a premium for traffic to their site during the holiday season:

Read Colwell’s full interview and thoughts on holiday lead gen at MediaWhiz’s website.

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